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The story of Cartier jewelry and Panther

Today brings you one of Cartier’s most representative products: Panther De Cartier.

Panther De Cartier Bracelet

Panther De Cartier Bracelet

Cartier jewelry factory is full of love for figurative style, getting rid of the constraints of artistic techniques, boldly transcending the depiction of reality, presenting a beauty that is closer to the essence of nature, and conveying prosperous and timeless vitality.

Panther – – as the iconic animal image of 18k Gold Cheap Cartier jewelry, first appeared in 1914. Since then, Cartier jewelry has injected fresh vitality into Panther in many aspects. Cartier’s unique Serti Pelage technology can make a piece of Panther jewelry look like fur.

The Cartier Panther Collection shape has always been a classic element of Cartier. It is a symbol of wealth, power and status. The styles that will appear at the Cartier High Jewelry Exhibition are worthy of collection and inheritance.

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