18k White Gold Panther Head Earrings Pave Diamonds

  • 18k White Gold Panther Head Earrings Pave Diamonds
  • Material: Real 18K Gold
  • Colors: White
  • Weight: 9 G
  • Diamonds: 2.68ct/250 pic VS/E diamonds
  • Eyes: 2 Emerald
  • Nose: Onyx
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18k White Gold Panther Head Earrings Pave Diamonds.

18k White Gold Panther Head Earrings Pave Diamonds, 18K white gold (750/1000), Set with 2.68ct/250 pieces VS/E diamonds, round brilliant cut diamonds, drop-shaped emerald leopard eyes, onyx.

This 18k White Gold Panther Head Earrings Pave Diamonds is noble and elegant, full of domineering. The cheetah’s changing posture is proud and elegant, wild and untamed. Full of 3D stereoscopic effect.

Please note that the carat weight, number of stones and product dimensions will vary based on the size of the creation you order. For detailed information please contact us.

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