1. Why is there jewelry in stock?

These jewelry are because after the customer placed an order for customization, the jewelry was completed and the customer canceled the order.
There are also products that customers do not like after receiving the product and then return it.
We can guarantee that these products are new and have no quality problems.

2. What is the quality of the jewelry in stock?

The quality of stock jewelry is the same as custom jewelry.
Our products are all custom made and of top quality.

3. Will it be cheaper to stock jewelry?

Stock jewelry will be cheaper.
It is a pleasure to buy jewelry that suits you at a cheaper price.

4. What should I pay attention to before buying?

In stock jewelry does not always exist.
So please ask if the product still exists before purchasing.
Also, if the jewelry is suitable for you, please pay the deposit as soon as possible because there are many customers asking. Whoever pays first will get it.
Of course, we will also update our inventory in a timely manner. If there is in stock jewelry sould out then we will remove it from here. As new stock jewelry becomes available, we will add it here; so please follow us.

Find the Jewelry You Want in Stock

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